Ltd Ink Corporation 
Edinburgh, Scotland

Liam Allan, Arrangements.
Curated by Kevin Harman. Ltd Ink Corporation. Edinburgh, Scotland.
October 2018.

Kevin Harman is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Liam Allan. Arrangements comprises six drawings focusing on aspiration and precarity. 

The exhibition originated with research into a found image documenting an amateur artists’ workshop where group of students was asked to create towers of clay tiles that stood without any additional support - a methodology examining talent and resilience.

Allan’s drawings start with the creation of similar, temporarily self-sustaining clay sculptures. They are composed, photographed and then meticulously rendered in pencil on paper, before being destroyed. Ideas revolving around the constant temporary and infinitely renewable aspirations are the focus of Allan’s practice, which centers around drawing and considers societal aspiration and the use of data-driven working and lifestyle environments. His drawings, in pencil on paper, require a working process of restraint, anxiety and a mundane routine of labour.

The Arrangements in this exhibition have been made to study impermanence, fragility and to highlight the precarious nature of target-led aspiration and analysis. The hours spent on the drawings and the fact that the source material cannot be recreated offer a sense of jeopardy — a reflection of the insecurity that comes from constant reassessment and unachieved goals.

Allan’s practice aspires to engage as wide an audience as possible, in this case by employing photorealistic drawing and alluringly lit, aesthetically simple compositions. Each sculpture is perfectly isolated in empty space, achieving an enhanced concentration on the subject and hinting at digital isolation and infinite, interchangeable possibilities.

Photography: Steven Cook.