Forthcoming June 2021

Selected works from Weapons, a new publication by Liam Allan featuring twenty-one drawings and accompanying texts.

Semi-fictitious duplicates, the works originate from found images that are subsequently manipulated and recomposed to conceal or disprove their authenticity.

Cloudy etymologies are held within empty volumes, false realities shown as accessible isolations rendered for the purpose of wide-ranging engagement.

Like the digital space made available for any argument, images are presented in advance of the thought.

Edition of 500, signed and numbered.

Available June 2021.

Design: Andrew Bell, Glasgow.
Print: die Keure, Bruges.
50 pages; softcover, foil embossed.
23 x 17 cm / 9 x 6.75”

$20.00  (~ £15.00  |  ~ €15.00)

To pre-order a copy, please email: info@liamallan.com